In their championship game on July 28th, the 14U Oradell Hawks beat Westwood 9-5. Congratulations to this hardworking group of players, and determined coaching staff. Baseball games are never won by 1 individual.  It takes are group of players willing to pick each other up during tough outings, and keep the momentum going during winning streaks. The 14U Hawks have the perfect balance to talent, confidence and leaderhip.  The town of Oradell is proud!

Congratulations to our 'Championship Day' Teams!

National League Champs:

Gramkow, Carnevale, Seifert & Co.,LLC

American League Champs:

Oddo Law

Oradell Little League Ribbon Cutting

With the help of Mayor Dianne Didio, Town Council Members as well as the Rec Department, Oradell  Little League and many of Oradell, our community braved the rain to celebrate new beginnings for the Oradell Little League, cutting the ribbon opening a new season of baseball at Hoffman Field.

Photo Credit: Julia Orlando
Reflections of the Fall Hawks Season

RiverDell Hawk lands on Tee-Ball Opening Day

The vision was clear; We wanted to make Tee-Ball unforgettable.  Many teams competed on Tee-Ball Opening Day. Every single kid had fun doing it.  With energetic coaches on hand for safety and instruction,  there is no question, we will create a healthy and exciting atmosphere for our young players starting in Tee- Ball and moving forward throughout their entire baseball and softball careers in Oradell.  The more the merrier. Bring fun to the program and never forget that it's a game!

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