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Making dreams come true

Oradell Little League

COVID-19 has altered our exciting plans for Oradell Little League this season as well as events and celebrations around the country. We, as a tightknit organization would like to recognize our sponsors during this halt in our 2020 Spring Season and say thank you for sponsoring, for supporting and for being there for our league. We hope this note of thanks of your contribution as a sponsor can be returned with our members loving and supporting you right back! We appreciate you!

OLL in Pictures

OLL Inspiration

Before you decide to quit, remember Grant Danzer

In our town, there’s a plaque that stands in the weeds catty-corner to the Muehleck Field sign on Prospect Avenue.  It’s been in that spot since the 1980's.  Pardon me for saying this, but that plaque is long forgotten and the honest truth is, it shouldn't be.  In fact, there are hundreds of us in the Oradell Community that have no idea why that plaque is there.  That's about to change.  I’m about to tell you a story about one of the most heroic athletes we have ever had in Oradell, and once you learn about Grant Danzer… I hope you never walk passed that memorial without feeling the strength he had. In short, on those very hard game days, on the day you may want to give up, the fact is, you should think about Grant Danzer.

Oradell's Larry Weisberg finds years of joy in Challenger baseball

Coaching youth sports takes patience; coaching special-needs youth athletes would seem to require even more. But Oradell’s Larry Weisberg, who has coached a Challenger Division baseball team for years, seems baffled by the suggestion.

Who was Ted Hughes?

Remembering Ted


Ted's sport journey started with Little League like many children around the country, but when he attended Fair Lawn High School, it was ultimately Lacrosse that he fell in love with.  But that never changed his love of team sport and staying active in all sports when he arrived to Oradell.  Ted was passionate and motivated in our community, helping our kids improve in so many sports in our town.

Your words are what guides a young player’s future, whether you think so or not, whether you like it or not. It’s what you say that has an immediate impact on a young player and when it comes to coaching, even officiating, you must choose your words wisely, because not doing so can determine a very different path for that young player in this game. Often young players early on are mentally weak, and require time to grow through character and confidence building.  Baseball can be an important tool in that process.

One Skill Transformed a Sub-Par Player’s Performance…And His Life

A poignant success story from Little League coach and commissioner, Rob Monaco.

When I was a kid, I played baseball. I played for the Tri-Boro Little League in Bloomingdale, New Jersey and while I wasn’t particularly good, I loved the game.


People ask me why I like to coach, and my answer is simple; I like watching kids grasp something I teach them, be it keeping their hands still while they set in the batter’s box, or choking up a bit to help bat speed.

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Important Documents for the 2018 season

Medical Release Form

OLL Photo Release Form

VOLUNTEERS - Please note, all volunteer coaches must be background checked under the State of New Jersey Volunteer Review Operation, participate in a Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y course or equivalent and complete the online CDC Heads Up! concussion program. Please refer COACHES & MANAGERS Tab for details on how to fulfill requirements. Fingerprint Form and Concussion Course training is below.

Fingerprint Form



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