The Borough of Oradell has three requirements for volunteers who intend to coach in any local youth sports leagues. All volunteers must have a background check (be fingerprinted), complete the Rutgers SAFETY course and complete the CDC's online Heads Up Concussion training.


Background Check and Fingerprint Form: Town of Oradell requires all volunteers to do a background check before being allowed to volunteer. Please print the fingerprint form and make an appointment at the nearby fingerprinting office.

Click Here for the Form.  When scheduling an appointment, the Identgo code to for a volunteer is 2F1J3Y.



Rutger's Safety Course: In order to manage or coach, you must complete this course and meet the Recreation Department's requirements.

RSVP is required (for seats and materials for the course provided) and all participants must come on time and stay for full session in order to receive the certificate. Please contact HERE to reserve your seat for upcoming Rutgers Safety Courses.  Oradell requires potential coaches to have a "Community Pass" to register for classes within the borough.  








(takes approximately 30 minutes - certificate is issued at the end of training)


Fingerprint Form

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