Field Maintenance



1. Do not pitch batting practice from the grass in front of the mound. It wears out the grass. (grass MATS have been replaced at Hoffman and Muehleck this off season).  Please use the batting cages when possible. If you must throw batting practice from the mound, USE THE GREEN MATS to protect the grass area in front of the mound that have been purchased for Hoffman, Muehleck and Caruso.

After the game,  we provided plenty of rakes at each field. ALL COACHES Should help. 

2.  Rake the entire clay infield.

Rake  pitching mound and batter box and catchers box level.

Rake the clay away from the grass NOT TOWARDS the grass so LIPS do not form.


If there is a second game scheduled at the field do not rake the lines.


Raking the base lines and mound needs to done so you are not raking towards the grass.

3.  Drag the field after it is raked. Again stay away from the edges and do not push the clay into the grass. Especially when making the TURN with the drag.

4.  Muehleck and Hoffman have puddle pads to remove water. Do not push water (and clay) toward the grass with a broom etc as it forms lips.

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