Akadema Special

Mitts, Bats, bat grips and more, just in time for the Oradell Little League Season! Oradell Little League is happy to offer some amazing deals and discounts to our players this season!  

Use discount code ORADELL40 on the Akadema website and not only will customers save 40% off everything in the store, but 10% of your sale on ALL PRODUCTS will go back to Oradell Little League this season!

Go to Akademapro.com and put in this Code EXCLUSIVE for Oradell Little League and help support OLL!    Once again, the code is: ORADELL40 .    

Learn about Akadema Bat Grips

Sometimes in a young ballplayers career, the tape on their bat handle becomes loose or shows signs of wear.  Akadema has bat grips that are as durable and more affordable than the popular Lizard Skin brand tape.  Oradell Little League is lucky enough to have a relationship with Akadema this year. Just another perk in the ever changing climate of the Oradell Little League. We are here to make things better for our players!

You can go to Akadema's website for all kinds of products for the baseball season including bats, gloves, batting gloves and footwear and apparel!


Once again, it's Akademapro.com

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