The Caruso Project

Important update on the Caruso Project!

Last year we announced plans for the renovation of Oradell's 60x90 baseball field... Caruso field. The resurfacing and leveling of this field would not only be important to our older Little Leaguers as they graduate to the Babe Ruth League, but would have required a large amount of volunteers to make sure the project ran smoothly.  After all, we as a board are proud of this project, and luckily for us, the response to help was enormous. We thank you for that. But now, we have some pretty exciting news...

Through some help from our fellow board members, we were able to secure a contractor to professionally handle this project. This will free up our volunteers and offer this field renovation the steadiness needed to have this project completed on time as to not disrupt Oradell's other activities which share the same space.

East Coast Sod & Seed will begin this project on Nov. 5th, and will continue for several days the following week. We expect that the Caruso Project will be completed by Nov. 12th.

While we appreciate everyone who reached out to help with the Caruso field renovation, we will instead be looking to work with all of you at another time and date for future OLL projects including, but not limited to the beautification of the flower garden in front of the Oradell Snack Stand at Memorial.

We also must thank the OK Kids Foundation for their enormous contribution to the Caruso Project. The majority of the money they raised and donated made it possible for this project to become reality! Thank you.

Caruso field is named after Andrew J. Caruso, a former Oradell Recreation Commissioner and World War II hero. We as a board find it fitting to honor this man who sacrificed much of his time and energy to help the players of Oradell become better athletes. Now it's time we give back!

Thank you for your time and volunteerism for Oradell Little League.


--Rob Monaco, OLL Commissioner & Media Liaison