What is Player Poaching? 

What Parents should know

What is player poaching? It is the practice where a team manager, team mom or assistant coach will approach young players from other teams. Those players are already committed to their first team, but they will still be asked directly and try to and persuade them to switch teams. This is unethical.


Over the years, due to pressures of a competitive make up of "A" teams, many of these teams are folding. Many parents are finding the pressures of "A" teams too much and too demanding. And so, poaching players makes it possible for these "A" teams to fill their rosters before deadline. In the process of poaching, the pitch is that these players can join a supposedly better team with the promise of a better chance of winning trophies.

Poaching can happen if tryouts do not exist for that season or if other teams have more players. The idea of "taking" players without consulting other teams directly before a conversation is had with the player and family is unethical.