Learning about Andrew J. Caruso

Caruso field is Oradell's only 60/90 field. It's also named after the late Andrew J. Caruso. You've walked passed the dedication stone dozens of times, but did you know that Mr. Caruso's true passion was working with kids in Oradell and sharing his love of sports with them? He was a coach and the Recreation Commissioner of Oradell from 1967 to 1991.


Andrew J. Caruso took his coaching job seriously, because he wanted his players to excel in their sport and in their lives. How do we know? Because Mr. Caruso excelled in his own life, as well as his athletics and academics. He was also a war hero in World War II, earning the Bronze Star and Purple Heart. He attended Columbia.


He also understood what hard work and dedication meant. As a coach, he was at his best, and he passed it on every day working with his players.


So the next time you stand on Caruso Field, feel the energy, and be dedicated to your craft.


Being a great coach, being a great mentor means your players not only believe in your message, but believe in themselves.


-Rob Monaco

OLL Commissioner

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