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Massachusetts baseball team wins game 82-0, coach is 'sick to my stomach' about it

A Massachusetts baseball team issued the most one-sided blowout of the season on Saturday, but their coach is anything but pleased by what unfolded.

As reported by the Boston Herald, among other local outlets, Old Rochester routed Lawrence’s Notre Dame Cristo Rey by a final score of 82-0. Yes, you read that correctly, and yes, it’s a baseball score, not a football spring game. Old Rochester opened with a 12-run first inning, added 20 in the second and things snowballed from there.

The score isn’t the biggest blowout in high school history — that’s a 109-0 scoreline that dates back to 1928 in Iowa — but it’s one of the most jaw-dropping in recent years regardless.

Stealing home: How travel teams are eroding community baseball

The shortstop ranged nimbly to his right, scooped up a sharp grounder and unleashed a strong throw to first base. Seeing the athletic play by my son, a burly fellow leaned against the chain-link fence.


'You’ve got a nice little ballplayer there,” the man, Mike Adams, told me. “You should think about getting him into a full-time travel program. The sooner, the better.”

What NOT To Do As A Youth Baseball Coach – Really!

We will call this post “what NOT to do as a youth baseball coach.” We will also discuss “what TO do as a youth baseball coach” throughout the article.

First of all, I would like to take a minute to give thanks to all the coaches out there who volunteer their time on a daily basis to teach kids about what I think is the greatest game on earth.


An Open Letter to My Daughter's 10U Coach

Dear Coach,


Although we have not had the pleasure of meeting yet, I wanted to first thank you for taking the time to volunteer to coach the girls softball team.

Show you respect them... and they will grow

I was truly taken by a speech given by a town guy to a bunch of his players in my community recently. 

You see, I am one of those guys that believes that screaming at young men on a baseball field isn’t constructive, especially if they are trying to develop into better ballplayers during the Growing years.

When You Give A Girl A Pair Of Cleats

It's more than a pair of shoes.


When you give a girl a pair of cleats, you are giving her far more than a new pair of shoes. You are giving her new friends and new challenges and so many lessons and some of her best memories.


When you give a girl a pair of cleats, you are giving her a team. You are giving her a group of girls that she might not have ever talked to if it wasn’t for these common cleats. A group of girls who will teach her how to be a teammate. A group of girls who will laugh with her and yell at her and train with her and win with her and lose with her.

Getting the work in

My oldest son is a baseball player.  That’s all he wants to do.  And as a coach, parent and his father… I find his drive so ferocious, it blows my mind.

We live in a much different culture than when I was a kid playing Little League.  When I was a kid, you played baseball, rec sports and you went home and ate dinner and went to bed.  Sure, there were pick-up games, and that was the best… hitting tennis balls on the school roof and rounding a field with bases made from your sweatshirt or an old box… but it was loose. There was zero pressure.

10 “Helpful” Things to Yell at Your Kid While He’s Batting

Nine years ago, when my oldest son started playing rec ball, the only experience I’d had as a baseball fan was watching the Braves on TV. And I never thought to yell encouraging advice to Deion Sanders or Terry Pendleton while they were batting.

Attending Andrew’s first few games, I learned that there’s a whole baseball parenting language that goes along with cheering for your kid. And everyone knew it but me. Over the years, though, I’ve become somewhat fluent in the lingo.


Talent gets you noticed, character gets you recruited

“He is going to be shocked we no longer want him.”

“Come again?” I asked the college assistant coach seated across from me at lunch. “You flew across the country to meet him, and now you won’t recruit him anymore?”


The coach had recently stopped for a day in another state to check in on one of their prospects, before arriving at my school in Florida.

Love and basketball: A father, a daughter, and the bonds of the game

I’ve always loved basketball. Luckily, my daughter loves it just as much. On the side wall of my home office, to the immediate right of a “Brawl in Beantown” Pedro vs. Rocket poster and surrounded by mementos collected during a fortunate, fast-aging man’s lifelong immersion in sports, hangs one of my most prized and personal possessions. When it catches my eye, it jostles my heart and my funny bone at once. It lingers there on the heart.

It takes Courage... you got this!

Never accept doubt, kid. In this game, a game of failure, you will be challenged every single day you hit the diamond. It’s not an easy game and there will no doubt be mistakes and misplays in every game you play among you and your teammates.

For the child's sake, be a great sports parent

With Little League and all spring baseball tryouts and the regular season upon us, it is important to remember what our kids are playing the game for. Our children play the game for fun, for the competition and for the team comradery.


As parents, we have to provide them with the best opportunity to succeed. Being a role model parent and spectator is a huge part of your child’s season.

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